Charitable Giving Through Everyday Activities

We’ve made it easy for you to give back to your favorite charities.

How It Works

When you click on a product or game, you are taken to the website of the seller – leading retailers and gaming sites. You interact with the retail or gaming site as you normally would – check their prices, buy directly from them, use their customer service.

If you purchase the product, Pause For Your Cause receives a predetermined percent of the sales proceeds.

We donate 100% of the proceeds to The Charity of the Month.
Step 1:
Read inspirational stories about charitable giving.
Step 2:
Shop, game and search at places you already would.
Step 3:
That’s it! You have raised money for The Charity of the Month!

About Pause For Your Cause

Read more about our non-profit mission.
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Blog: Charity of the Month isĀ Feeding America

This month we are giving 100% of our profits to a charity whose goal is to end hunger, once and for all.
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Getting what you need and feeling good about doing it.

Purchasing products through Pause for your Cause benefits our Charity of the Month.

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It's never been easier to have fun and benefit charity at the same time.

We’ve found some great games that also help benefit our charities.

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